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Time and Budget

Whether you are the client or designer, we all have different aims, but a unified desire to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the intended design criteria.

Open and Honest

We believe open and honest communication with the client’s team and designers throughout the project period ensures andy issues that arise can be dealt with effectively and with the minimum disruption.

Project Management

Our role as Project Manager is to provide a strategic leadership of a project from inception to post project evaluation and can be a stand alone service or in addition to our core Quantity Surveying service.

Effective project management relies on good communication and organisation. Our team is selected for their ability to combine both, relying on their personal, technical and professional skills to respond to every aspect of successful project delivery.

Karesa are committed to providing an independent, dynamic and professional project management team to meet the Employers goals.

It can encompass the liaison between the Architectural design team, engineers and other designers, balancing costs and monitoring programme compliance.

During the construction phase it will involve the co-ordination / liaison between the Employer, Contractor and Design Team.

We co-ordinate the information input of architects, engineers and other designers to ensure the best design solution is achieved. Clear reporting procedures ensure all parties have the right information with defined deadlines, instructions and budgets. As each project progresses, we ensure we are able to identify potential problems before they arise and provide innovative and effective solutions.

By continually monitoring all aspects of the project we aim for the required results to be delivered on time and on budget to ensure good value for money is secured for the Employer.