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Time and Budget

Whether you are the client or designer, we all have different aims, but a unified desire to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the intended design criteria.

Open and Honest

We believe open and honest communication with the client’s team and designers throughout the project period ensures andy issues that arise can be dealt with effectively and with the minimum disruption.

Party Wall Surveyors

The Party Wall etc Act 1996.

The aim of the act is to protect owners/occupiers of property from neighbouring building developments that may affect their building structurally.
In so doing the owners of the development are required by law to notify certain works that may or may not have an impact on their neighbouring structure such as:

- Working on an existing wall shared with another property
- Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
- Excavating (including piling) near a neighbouring property

However, the act is not all one way traffic and some benefits have been granted to ‘developers’ in relation to works on or to Party Walls.

As a company Karesa aim to act for both property owners developing their properties and neighbouring owners who wish to protect their interest.