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Time and Budget

Whether you are the client or designer, we all have different aims, but a unified desire to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the intended design criteria.

Open and Honest

We believe open and honest communication with the client’s team and designers throughout the project period ensures andy issues that arise can be dealt with effectively and with the minimum disruption.

Floor Plans

Accurate Plans allow potential buyers to visualise a property's layout before they have even stepped in through the front door. This starts the creative process of planning how the space might be used, and then provides the perfect accompaniment for the viewing itself.

For professional accuracy, peace of mind and hassle-free service, we provide a floor plan solution for all types of property. These solutions are founded on years experience producing accurate plans for residential and commercial agents, property owners and corporate landlords.

Our service utilises professional Surveyors, who produce accurate on-site surveys to the standards of the RICS Code of Measuring Practise (6th Ed.). Our plans include a north point, room names and measurements.

Floor Plans
- Our plans are characterised by the following essential features:

- Measured by professional Surveyors
- Produced to RICS Code of Measuring Practice (6th edition) standards
- All room names, dimensions and the north point clearly shown
- Approximate Gross Internal Area shown
- Fully insured and indemnified

Lease Plans - are a mandatory requirement for the registration of all leases for more than 7 years, with the Land Registry. Our plans are supplied to the standards of the RICS Code of Measuring Practice (6th Edition) and the Land Registry (Practice Guide 40) and are:

- Available on commercial or domestic property
- Produced to a recognised metric scale
- Supplied with 2 hard copies
- Supplied with a printed OS Map
- Marked in colour to show areas of demise or unusual features
- Labelled to show all floor levels and north point
- Fully insured and professionally indemnified
- Typically delivered within 2 business days

Conveyance or Estate plans - are required when a site first becomes a housing estate. These plans detail the position and general layout of all roads, boundaries, houses, parking spaces, etc.

Transfer Plans - are required where the ownership of property is transferred from one owner to another. The transfer plan will detail the areas being transferred, giving the new owner full rights and responsibilities to the property.

Private Rights of Way - allow an owner of land to pass over land in the ownership of another. Problems occur when one party blocks or restricts a right of way, or wishes to change the route of the right of way. Right of way plans detail the areas which form the right of way agreement, which when used as a reference, prevents future disputes.

A Deed of Variation - allows beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate to alter the distribution of that estate. Deed of variation plans will detail the areas of the re-distributed estate.

Commonhold Plans - is when all units (residential or commercial) on a development are sold freehold and the common parts are transferred to a commonhold association. This association will then manage the common parts and be controlled by the buyers of the units. Commonhold plans clearly identify these common parts.