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Time and Budget

Whether you are the client or designer, we all have different aims, but a unified desire to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the intended design criteria.

Open and Honest

We believe open and honest communication with the client’s team and designers throughout the project period ensures andy issues that arise can be dealt with effectively and with the minimum disruption.

Check In / Out Reports

Check In Reports

At the Check In, the property is inspected and compared to the inventory, with any variations seen are noted on the inventory.

If there have been significant changes to the property since the inventory was last used it is likely that a new inventory will be required. In order to authenticate the inventory it must be signed by both the landlord and tenant or their representative. The ‘master inventory’ (original agreed and signed at the Check In) should be kept safe for use at the end of the tenancy or in the event of a dispute.

Gas, Electric, water (if applicable) meter readings are taken at the time of Check In. Any oil storage or solid fuel supplies are also recorded if applicable.

Check Out Reports

The Check Out report is a comparison of the condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy with its conditions as noted on the inventory at the beginning of the tenancy.

Notes are made on the ‘master inventory’ of any variations since the Check In. Any significant differences will be listed on the Check Out report.

Final exit meter readings will be taken and recorded.